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Jack Daniel’s Racing Inaugural Go-Kart Challenge. Check out our winners doing some amazing stuff around the track.


With the contest in full swing Sally Fitzgibbons and her team are focussed on winning back to back US Open crowns. After a few close heats it all comes down to an epic and somewhat dramatic final battle with Carissa Moore.

OneShift – Short Term Works

OneShift is a network that matches employees and employers together like a dating website. Check us out at

Booze Busted
Over the last 23 years, a range of road safety strategies have focused on changing community attitudes to drink driving in order to curb the road toll. Victoria has witnessed significant success in changing consumer attitudes and behaviour, with a majority of the community now believing that drink driving is socially unacceptable.

However, there is still a minority of Victorians that continue to drink and drive, regardless of the considerable risk to themselves and other road users.

Drink driving is a major contributor to fatal and serious injury collisions on Victorian roads. Over the ten years 2001-2010, 26% of all drivers and riders killed with a blood alcohol level over .05%BAC.
This campaign, Infomercial, uses a unique and very deliberate creative approach to speak directly to this core target market, young men who repeatedly drink and drive.
Using the “Infomercial Sales” genre in a humorous way, this campaign aims to break through the media clutter by using online and social media platforms, engaging and challenging young drivers misconceived beliefs around the legal consequences of drink driving.

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Shaping up as favourite of the 2013 Awards season, HITCHCOCK is a love story about one of the most influential artists of the last century, Alfred Hitchcock, and his wife and partner Alma Reville. Set during the making of Hitchcock’s seminal movie PSYCHO, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Dame Helen Mirren are joined by an all-star cast including Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, Toni Collette as Hitchcock’s assistant, and Jessica Biel as Vera Miles . HITCHCOCK is a richly entertaining and enjoyable film and a must-see this Summer. IN CINEMAS JANUARY 10

Wild Turkey – Bird Up

Throughout history, men have stepped up. Now, it’s over to you gentlemen.
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Forza Horizon Launch at the International Motor Show, Sydney

Xbox gave 16 leading bloggers the opportunity to experience the Forza Horizon pre-launch at the 2012 International Motor Show, as well as the chance to win an Xbox for their efforts! Grab your copy of Forza Horizon today and experience all that this installment has to offer.