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In eight one-minute videos, Storm Surfers producer Justin McMillan captures the essence of who – or what – is Ross Clarke-Jones.

For those uninitiated in the ways of the Mad Wax star, the clips could be described as emotionally distressing. For those of you well familiar with the eccentric character, consider it a “best of” series that captures RCJ’s unusually curious sense of humour. And like most of his schemes, the series lasts just eight minutes and isn’t short of laughs. 

The guy doesn’t have a train of thought. If his thinking process had to be compared to any form of travel the one that would best describe it would be stunt plane – diving, twisting, climbing, flying, each move having no connection to the last.

RCJ is a genuine living legend and this bit-size series is a genuine laugh.

Check it out.

Harlem Shake Version 888

After weeks of long hours building our new Holden VF Commodores it’s come to this… Welcome to the world of Red Bull Racing Australia.

Optus RockCorps – Give, Get Given

Optus RockCorps is a partnership between Optus and RockCorps to engage, empower and celebrate youth giving back. Give 4 hours volunteering and Get Given 1 ticket to the Optus RockCorps Concert. It is the only way to get into the hottest show of the year. More info at