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Gone Fishin’ With Red Bull Racing Australia

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It’s been a long nine months since Cappy, Luffy, J-Dub and co delivered the all-new Red Bull Racing Australia VF Commodore to the shores of Sydney. So we thought we’d track ’em down and see what the lads had been up to since we saw them last.

And you’d never guess where we found them? Yep, the lads were back on the water, but this time for bit R&R before the big one — the Bathurst 1000.

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Creating the Attention Powered Car — RAC Webisode 3

Make time for living—Teddy’s Speech

At IKEA we believe it’s time to shake things up a bit: to make room for what really matters and take some time to enjoy what’s so great about living. In fact, it’s time we put living right at the top of our lists.

Booze Busted 2013
Over the last 24 years, a range of road safety strategies have focused on changing community attitudes to drink driving in order to curb the road toll. Victoria has witnessed significant success in changing consumer attitudes and behaviour, with a majority of the community now believing that drink driving is socially unacceptable.

However, there is still a minority of Victorians that continue to drink and drive, regardless of the considerable risk to themselves and other road users.

Drink driving is a major contributor to fatal and serious injury collisions on Victorian roads. Around one in six (or 16% of) drivers and riders killed in Victoria in 2011 had a blood alcohol content (” BAC”) level of .05 or over. Those likely to be killed with an illegal BAC are male, in their 20s or 30s and can have up to three times the legal limit. Repeat drink drivers make up 30% of all drivers caught drink driving.

This campaign, Infomercial, uses a unique and very deliberate creative approach to speak directly to this core target market, young men who repeatedly drink and drive.
Using the “Infomercial Sales” genre in a humorous way, this campaign aims to break through the media clutter by using online and social media platforms, engaging and challenging young drivers misconceived beliefs around the legal consequences of drink driving.

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