Attention Powered Car Road Trip — Leg 1 — Perth to Busselton

Attention Powered Car Road Trip — Leg 1 — Perth to Busselton

In an effort to learn more about driver inattention, one of the biggest killers on WA roads, RAC created the world’s first
Attention Powered Car — a car that goes when you’re paying attention and slows when you’re not.

And now, we’ve hit the road to see how drivers perform in real-world conditions. Leg one of our road trip saw the Happ family
pile into the Attention Powered Car and head south to Busselton on a typical holiday drive. Mum Jacquie, was surprised to
discover what made her lose attention the most. In Busselton, we met up with the Wrights. Veterans of the caravan driving,
they were keen to test their mental metal against our attention hungry i45. Despite feeling quite confident in his abilities
to stay focused, Colin lost attention many times.

Check out the video to see the Attention Powered Car on the road and how our drivers performed. Follow our journey as we head
to Albany and then the Wheatbelt to put more WA drivers to the test at


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