Attention Powered Car Road Trip — Leg 3 — Albany

The Attention Powered Car, developed by the RAC, is into leg 3 of its road trip around WA visiting towns
including Donnybrook, Nannup and Pemberton, heading to Albany and then finishing in the Wheatbelt town of

In this episode we put two drivers behind the wheel that drive for a living. We wanted to see if their
professional experience influenced their attention levels. How will our Ambo and Australia’s best truck
driver perform?

First up was Mike. As a St John’s Ambulance Volunteer, he needs to be calm and confident driving under
pressure and at high speed. And it showed. So too with our second driver, Murray, who’s TNT Australia’s
best truck driver. Both came out determined and focused to prove they had the edge. To some degree they
did. Incidences of inattention were fewer and further between, but they were still there. Encouragingly,
both drivers were much better at refocusing when they did lose attention.

Check out this webisode to see just how they performed, as well as what insights we are finding about
driver inattention as we take the Attention Powered Car through southern WA.


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