Attention Powered Car Road Trip — Leg 4 — Narrogin

In an effort to learn more about driver inattention, one of the biggest killers on WA roads, RAC created
the world’s first Attention Powered Car — a car that goes when you’re paying attention and slows when
you’re not.

On the final leg of our road trip, we visited Narrogin in the Wheatbelt, which is also often dubbed by
emergency services as the ‘accident belt’. Here, single vehicle crashes with young drivers behind the
wheel are particularly high, so we wanted to see if inattention was part of the problem.

Our first driver, Shawn, took the Attention Powered Car and few mates around town. Not surprisingly, his
mates proved to be a distraction, as well as thinking about his girlfriend and sadly, friends lost on the
road. Next up was Speedway Driver Coby. She performed well on the open road, but had plenty inattention
moments to match. Perhaps most telling though, was her insight into the minds of many drivers who even
after being made aware of their limitations, aren’t likely to change behaviour.

Check out the video to see the Attention Powered Car on the road and how our drivers performed. Plus,
follow the journey, watch all webisodes from our journey and keep up-to-date with what we have planned
next by visiting


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