The Rubens – proudly saluting Jack Daniel’s 1907 in the Nova 969 Red Room – 60

The Rubens; a band from NSW comprising of three Margin brothers, Zaac, Sam and Elliott, and childhood friend, Scott Baldwin.

Discover how they are inspired to write music in our latest video from the Jack Daniel’s 1907 Nova 969 Red Room.

In 1907 Jack Daniel entrusted his famous distillery to his nephew Lem Motlow. Lem soon introduced a white-labeled lighter version of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey. We proudly continue this tradition with Jack Daniel’s 1907, a Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, matured in the cooler areas of the barrel house and bottled at 74 proof.

Since the whiskey does not work its way as deeply into the barrel wood it has a lighter, slightly sweet taste profile, while retaining the exceptional smoothness you would expect from Jack Daniel’s.

Jack Daniel’s 1907 is the lighter, sweeter, easy drinking Jack. Enjoy the lighter side of Jack.

These materials are intended for those above the legal drinking age, and should not be forwarded or shared with anyone under such age.


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