Meat Standards Australia (MSA) helps you choose tender, juicy beef and lamb

Join 5th generation Australian butcher Anthony Puharich as he explains how the Meat Standards Australian grading system helps you to buy and cook quality beef and lamb.
Years of experience have helped Anthony become an excellent judge of beef and lamb quality, thankfully the job of identifying tender, juicy beef and lamb cuts has been done for you by the Meat Standards Australia grading system.
Through a detailed understanding of all aspects of beef and lamb production from farming, processing and butchery the Meat Standards Australia grading system is able to identify the very best cuts of beef and lamb across the country.

As a consumer, the Meat Standards Australia symbol is your visual guide to the tastiest, juiciest, most tender cuts in the world. MSA takes an extra step and recommends the best way to cook each cut as well because it’s not just about making it easy to choose the best quality meat — it’s about helping you put a delicious meal on the table.

So look for the MSA symbol when you’re buying beef and lamb because choosing a tender, tasty cut and cooking a great meal has never been so easy!


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