Meat Standards Australia (MSA) for beef and lamb begins at the farm

Lachlan Graham, an Australian beef and lamb producer and proprietor of Argyle Prestige Meats explains to
Anthony Puharich how beef and lamb is produced on the farm.
Australian farmers have responded to the changing requirements of the market by adopting a sustainable
approach to all aspects of farming; this is where the MSA grading system begins. That beautiful, juicy
steak on your plate can only happen if producers get things right on the farm first.

All breeds of sheep and cattle are eligible for MSA grading, and grazing animals on high quality feed
maximizes their growth rates which impact marbling and fat coverage, critical if you want a juicy, tender

How farmer treat their animals is super important. Cattle or sheep with high stress levels can lead to
dark, tough meat which won’t make the MSA grade, so keeping them calm and happy is essential. That’s why
farmers keep them in the same mob and move them as quietly as possible. Under MSA farmers have to meet
super strict guidelines relating to how their livestock are handled and transported. The MSA system also
provides producers with feedback and training to ensure they continue to produce the highest quality beef
and lamb every time.

As you can see, it’s the pride and commitment from Aussie farmers like Lachlan and his family combined with
the integrity of the MSA supply chain that produces the best beef and lamb in the world. So when you see
that MSA symbol, you know everyone has given it their all to make sure you get the best meal money can buy!


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