Meat Standards Australia (MSA) – Producing the best beef and lamb in the world

Anthony Puharich is a 5th generation Australian Butcher and proprietor of Victor Churchill Butchery, Vic’s
Meats and; he works with the world’s best quality meat every day and he love’s what he
does. Here he explains how the Meat Standards Australia system produces the best beef and lamb in the

The Australian beef and lamb industries are critical to our nation’s prosperity. They directly employ over
200,000 Australians who work hard to produce the best beef and lamb in the world.

That’s why in 1996 our industry embarked on one of the largest consumer research projects in history. Over
100,000 people tasted and rated almost 700,000 beef and lamb samples so we could understand exactly what’s
required to produce great quality meat. From this research we developed the Meat Standards Australia
grading system.

So when you see the MSA symbol on a cut of beef or lamb you know that everyone from the farmer to the
butcher or the chef has worked tirelessly to make sure you always get the best quality money can buy.
That’s how MSA takes the guesswork out of buying Australia’s best beef and lamb.


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