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What happened on Fitzy & Wippa this week

It’s been a huge week with Fitzy & Wippa from Heidi Klum to The Bachelor’s engagement ring the boys have done it all. But we’ll let them tell you in their own words…


Lost and Found: The journey from farm to fashion

Join us on a transformative journey as we follow a single piece of fleece in pursuit of its family. From the shearing sheds

of the Australian outback, to the ancient weaving mills of Yorkshire, discover how modern technologies and age-old techniques

combine to transform fleece into fashion.

act. Feel Good Banking 30″

Feel Good Banking – 30″ cut down edit of main 90″ film.

Be rewarded by travelling with Opal

Travelling can be rewarding for your day to day commute.
Once you make eight paid journeys using Opal card, you can travel for the rest of the week Monday to Sunday. So if you just

travel to and from work every day, you’ll be travelling free after Thursday but take extra trips and you’ll be travelling

free even sooner.
The more paid journeys you take during the week, the quicker you’ll be travelling for free with Opal.
Tap into Opal, the smartest ticket in town and always remember to tap in and tap off.

I thought HIV testing was something everyone did.

This is Allen’s HIV story.

HIV testing is crucial if you’re sexually active. The test is quick and easy. To find a facility near you visit