Bondi Rescue’s Reidy explores the Great Barrier Reef and Aussie Beef | #GoodMeat

Bondi Rescue lifeguard, “Reidy”, embarks on a #GoodMeat journey to explore how beef production can affect the Great Barrier Reef and what cattle farmers are doing to minimise their impact and help protect this natural wonder.
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Lifeguard, Andrew “Reidy” Reid, from Bondi Rescue embarked on a #GoodMeat journey to Queensland where he explored how beef production along the Fitzroy Basin can impact the Great Barrier Reef. Travelling from Rockhampton to Springsure, Reidy met with experts and farmers who are working hard to identify and implement land care practices that reduce the amount of soil and sediment that gets into waterways and eventually flows out to the Reef.

Find out more on how the Aussie beef industry is improving the health of the Great Barrier Reef here:

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