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National Geographic Explorer

Curious Walruses in the High Arctic

Two large toothed walruses curiously approach our Zodiac near Storoya in Arctic Svalbard.

An Inquisitive Polar Bear Peeks Into Our Ship

National Geographic Explorer in the ice is an object of curiosity for this polar bear giving Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic guests had a rare chance for some up-close ice bear photos.

Fat Polar Bears Off Baffin Island

A few polar bears hunting along the pack ice of Baffin Island came in for a close look at our ship, National Geographic Explorer. As the apex predators of the region these bears have no reason to fear anything, so they often approach the ship out of curiosity. These particular bears are fat, well-fed and look healthy. See the expedition:

National Geographic Explorer in the Arctic

Video by Jim Napoli, video chronicler


Room 317 starring Sarah Ellen

I’m so excited to share my first short film project with you!!

Written and directed by Jonathan Pease, Room 317 is an abstract comment on the addictive relationship young people have with social media.

Set within the iconic QT Sydney Hotel, Room 317 is a twisted story about a young girl (me) who lives in a hotel. Living in a hotel sounds fabulous but things aren’t exactly as they appear in this never ending nightmare. Room 317 is loosely inspired by the beloved children’s book ‘Eloise’.

This project would never have been possible without my dear friends Swarovski, Chupa Chups, QT Hotels, Veri Vera, Max May, Margaret Zhang, Candid Projects, Rumble Studios, M.M Media Management and The Juicy Club.

Meet Durex’s Mr Purple

Have you discovered Durex’s new range? It will add a whole other level of buzz to your love life with your partner. So watch our new ad & see how Mr Purple might bring another spark to your nookie times, then check out our online shop at

Dr. Oetker Pizza

Spot the twist? A new spin on dining in the dark.

At Dr. Oetker we believe that you can have restaurant quality pizza at home. To prove it, we built a pop-up restaurant, all for one lucky table.

Ristorante Pizza – the taste that got everyone talking

At Dr. Oetker we believe that you can have restaurant quality pizza at home. To prove it, we built a pop-up restaurant and invited celebs and foodies for a sensory dining experience like no other.

Listen to what they had to say about Ristorante Pizza and the surprise they didn’t see coming.

Dining in the dark has been done, but not like this.

Corey Worthington – Clean the Slate this Father’s Day

For all the pain you’ve caused dad, give him a gift he’ll enjoy this Father’s Day.

Find the perfect gift to the clean the slate at RedBalloon

NRMA Insurance Ultimate Bronco – Hands and Feet

This is the final video in the NRMA Insurance Ultimate Bronco Series. Shane Webcke has shown us how the boys train legs, lungs, brain and brawn; now he shows us how the players get lightening fast feet, a gun boot and hands that stick. All of these elements are what make up the Ultimate Bronco.

To be in the running to win an all expenses paid trip to the Grand Final for you and a mate, be sure to register online and place your Ultimate Bronco predictions ahead of each of the remaining games this season.

FIFA 15 Xbox Play Like A Pro

My Online Training Session with Ken Butti at the Xbox HQ in Australia.