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Made For Bulleit

Made For Bulleit from MadeFor on Vimeo.

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Can a Bondi Lifeguard handle Modern Day Farming??

Reidy has quit being a Bondi Lifeguard… and decided to become a farmer! He learns that maintaining biodiversity is important for having a healthy farm.
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Bondi Rescue’s Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid meet’s an Aussie sheep and cattle farmer who helps him to better understand biodiversity, and why it’s critical to maintaining a healthy and productive farm.

Biodiversity can be defined as the functioning of all living things through providing “ecosystem services”. Those services are creating clean air, clean water, shelter to food and fibre and cultural value. Biodiversity exists in the soil, vegetation supported by the soil, wildlife that access soil, vegetation and habitat.

Australia Day Lamb 2016 | Commence Operation Boomerang

Watch as Lee Lin Chin and Lambassador Sam Kekovich embark on ‘Operation Boomerang’ – their mission to save Australians abroad from going without the essential lamb barbecue on Australia Day.

Operation Boomerang is the brainchild of commander Lee Lin Chin. Having spent Australia Day 1996 in Warsaw, without ‘a char grilled chop in sight’, she vowed to ‘never let that happen to another Australian again’.

See her army save as many overseas Aussies as possible from a lambless Australia Day. Because you never lamb alone on Australia Day.

We love our lamb.

Can you spot the twist?

Dining in the dark has been done, but not like this.

At Dr. Oetker we believe that you can have restaurant quality pizza at home. To prove it, we built a pop-up restaurant, all for one lucky table.

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