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Fraser Island | Queensland’s 5 World Heritage Sites

800,000 years in the making (which is still baby status when you’re a world heritage site), Fraser island is the largest sand island in the world – 122 km long. Not only that, but it’s got rainforest growing and thriving on sand! It’s got lots of other world-class facts about it too like it contains half of the world’s perched freshwater dune lakes and it has the largest unconfined aquifer on a sand island. While those tongue-twisters might impress a scientist, Fraser Island is pretty great for anyone because on the one island you can hike, swim in crystal blue freshwater lakes, visit a shipwreck, spot whales and dingos, 4×4, camp, salt-water fish, or go on a great walk. A few interesting facts about why Fraser Island is one of Queensland’s world heritage sites:

• There are over 325 species of birds on Fraser Island.
• You can see Australia’s purest population of dingos and a unique species of tortoise, which can be found in some of the freshwater lakes.
• Fraser Island has over 100 freshwater lakes within its 1,820 square kilometres.

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What do you know now?

Trilogy knows that when you get to certain age you know stuff, good powerful stuff. So we found real women and asked them what they know now.
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Farm Dog VS. Bondi Lifeguard

A working dog showdown! Reidy, a former Bondi Lifeguard, learns the tricks of the trade from Farmer Lachie…but can he put what he’s learnt into action?
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In Australia many sheep and cattle farmers have working dogs. These guys have a natural instinct, enhanced through precise breeding and training to work with animals in a low-stress way. When farmers have to move their livestock, having dog can often make that task easier for both the farmer and the animals.

5 Nature Experiences in Southern Queensland Country

You’ll be surrounded by natural beauty when discovering Southern Queensland Country, a short drive from Brisbane.

1. Explore the world’s largest stand of Bunya Pines in the Bunya Mountains
2. Enjoy the views of Picnic Point Lookout, Toowoomba
3. Take a walk in Girraween National Park
4. Feel the cool spray of Queen Mary Falls, near Killarney
5. Relax at Lake Boondoomba

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Face the music

Don’t get a free UV makeover from the sun, cherubs. Crusty scabs aren’t pretty! xo.

Sun Care

Are Legionnaire Hats Back? Watch To Find Out!

Looks like your childhood Legionnaire Hats are back in fashion if this video is anything to go by!

Watch as the hot chick picks the ultimate ‘hot guys’ while being sun safe.

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Actors: Dylan Sigg, Torie Roe
Credits: Radical Orange

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Pretty Shady: Farshun in the Sun

We reached out to a handful of our favourite Australian brands and hit the water on a rather inclement day – the exact type of day you wouldn’t expect to get sunburnt. TVG’s resident model Nick, along with Tom, donned a selection of looks, with pieces from Venroy, Mocha Salt, Barney Cools and OBLYK, before climbing aboard Hayden Shapes’ finest for a unique Summer photoshoot.

Why is young Australia still so terrible at sun care?

Catch of the day

Be careful with that fish hook. You’ll take an eye out faster than a retinal melanoma. x