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University of Canberra

Choose a UC degree to further your career.


University of Canberra

Choose a UC degree to further your career.

TIC TAC Peach-Lemonade Mixers

Tic Tac Peach Lemonade Mixers: Experience 2 flavours in 1 Tic Tac – Just like Zach King. ‪#‎ZachKing‬ ‪#‎TicTacKing‬

Snorkelling with Minke Whales, Great Barrier Reef | Into the Sunshine

In this episode of Into the Sunshine, dive instructor Shona Whittaker explores the underwater magic of the Great Barrier Reef, the only place in the world where humans can come face-to-face with beautiful Minke Whales.

Though highly interactive, Dwarf Minkes are an elusive species which frequent the Great Barrier Reef every June and July.

Into the Sunshine is a series of short films that will take you into the lives of some remarkable Queenslanders, showcasing their powerful connection to the environment. Special thanks to Julia Sumerling Underwater Films & Mike Ball Dive Expeditions for contributing some of the amazing underwater shots seen in this episode.

What it is like to swim with Minke Whales:

The World’s First Auction Powered by Unused Data

We’re turning Australia’s biggest data losers into the biggest winners by launching the world’s first online auction powered by unused mobile data, with the top item up for a grabs a week’s vacation on your very own private island – just like Richard Branson.

As the only mobile provider in Australia to offer Data Rollover on Postpaid plans, Virgin Mobile is bringing down the hammer on other telcos stealing back their customers’ unused data at the end of each month.

From new phones to drones, music tickets to mini motorbikes, and even a holiday to one of the most exclusive locations on the planet in Wadigi Island in Fiji, the world-first auction ensures that winners aren’t left empty handed at the end of their billing cycle.

Full terms and conditions: