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Selfies as you know them, have changed. Welcome to the world of ROAM-e.

Utilising industry specific innovation and our own technology, we’ve created the world’s first facial recognition flying selfie camera operated through smart devices and vision control systems. We’ve changed the way you take selfies.


The Local GPC Launch Party

The Local by is now open. All our mates from back home, and new friends we’ve met Stateside crashed the store for a little taste of Australia, a big taste of some frothies, and all the good vibes they could grab.

Check out what went down

NYC store coming soon…

Music by Tijuana Panthers – Bainbridge

Are you an investment property owner?

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The Innovator

A new short film produced by The Woolmark Company in collaboration with design-driven production company Buck highlights the timelessness and versatility of wool. Titled The Innovator – after one of the main characters – this animated film journeys through the ages and offers a unique view on how wool has been used – and continues – to clothe man. The film begs the questions: who is the real innovator: is it man who has found use for wool, or is wool the hero as it continues to get better over time with its natural inherent properties?