Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher – A Golden Christmas by Reynold Poernomo (short-version)

Watch Reynold “the dessert king” Poernomo as he treats us to a festive taste sensation!

Ferrero Rocher – Rocher Delight by Reynold Poernomo (short-version)

Make Christmas more delightful with our Rocher Delight.

Ferrero Rocher – The Rocher by Reynold Poernomo (short-version)

Having a Christmas party? Reynold Poernomo has created the ultimate cupcake for you!

Raffaello – Snowman by Reynold Poernomo (short-version)

Let Reynold Poernomo get you one step closer to a white Christmas with The Snowman.

Raffaello – Christmas in Summer Reynold Poernomo (short-version)

The perfect way to welcome Christmas in Summer!

Ferrero Rondnoir – A Hint of Noir by Reynold Poernomo (short-version)

Discover the elegance of gold with A Hint of Noir.


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