Jai Courtney Gets Hot And Sweaty In Epic GQ Outback Adventure

Hollywood actor Jai Courtney might live the high life befitting that of an A-list talent, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to get down and dirty.

GQ Australia took it’s hottest export into the Queensland outback to shoot the shit, drive utes and cut up the dirt on motorbikes.

See the man beneath the mask and find out just how much Aussie soul this brute of a man can muster in 40 degree heat.

See video and feature on GQ.com.au
Read feature on GQ.com.au

The unashamed Aussie larrikin likes footy, pool and the odd crazy punt – cue an inked reminder of Margot Robbie.

But he is also a complex, driven and sensitive soul as in touch with his emotions as he is at ease dissecting shakespeare’s darker moments.

We figured it time for a man-to-man over a few tins of VB. In the outback naturally.


Actor: Jai Courtney
Producer: Jack Phillips
Director: Arthur Chan
Videography: Tom Anlezark
Location: Longreach, QLD



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